Zoom meetings are being announced as needed on this website. Due to a COVID-19 upsurge on Okinawa some meetings are restricted from physically taking place.

19 Sep 2020, Tues and Thursday nights on Kadena, are face to face.

23 Sep 2020. Wed, Sat, Sun beach meetings are face to face.

Until further notice the remainder meetings remain on zoom. ID: 189 411 476 and PW: 740027. The direct link is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/189411476?pwd=UHI0azRPb0JvMURtZHFvZXFTRUphZz09 Times of mtgs. are reflected in the calendar at right.

Newcomers : If you are new to Okinawa and looking for a meeting, the drop down list to the right is the most accurate available. If meetings are listed they are believed to be going on as scheduled. If you do not have a US military base ID card you will need to be escorted on base by someone who has an ID. The off base meetings do not require any ID. If you need an escort we will try to help. Please use the contact form on this page, someone should get back to you. Off base meetings at this time are Sat., Sun., and Wed. AA as well as Sat. NA – see schedule. Meetings marked “open” are open to anyone who wishes to attend. There are no dues or fees.  If you have any other questions please use the contact form and someone will get back to you. Thank You and Welcome.

If  there are any changes or problems with the meeting schedule or the website, please contact the webmaster via the Contact Form

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