Directions To Meetings

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Foster Building 440

From Spot Gate: Enter and continue forward thru the stop sign. Look for Marine and Family Programs bldg on your left. Park. The meeting room is on the ground floor left side.

From Fire Station Gate: Turn right after entry and go downhill to the stop sign in front of the Ocean Breeze. Turn left at the stop sign. Look for a very large parking lot on your left not far past the Ocean Breeze. Enter the parking lot and look up the hill for bldg 440, also named Marine and Family Programs. The meeting room is on the ground floor left side.

Kadena Wellness Center (HAWC), Bldg 428

From gate 1 go straight until you come to the firestation light (firestation is on left), Kuter street.Turn right. At the next light, Davis, turn right. Bldg 428 is on the corner (HAWC-Health and Welllness Center).

Sunset Beach

From Highway 58:
(1) Turn into American Village, directly across from Camp
Lester Gate 2 (Next to McDonald’s)
(2) Continue on this street—past the Ferris Wheel on the right
and through the intersection until you come to the Red
Lobster Restaurant
(3) From the front of Red Lobster, walk straight towards the beach, to the building and go upstairs.

Sat English/Japanese NA

New NA meeting.  Bilingual (Main Language is English)

From Saturday, August 23rd, 19:00~20:00
Non Smoking
Wheelchair Accessible
Steps/Traditions & Topic
Meibuki Centre,Amerasian School